Technology Consulting

We understand that aligning IT investments to your business needs could be a herculean task. Clients need consultants to point them to best IT strategy, which maps to business needs as well as aligns to industry best practices. We help clients find answers to some of the key questions.

  • Which solution should I use?
  • Should we build or buy a solution?
  • How much should I pay?
  • What all features do I need?
  • Where will this solution run?
  • How much investment do I need to do?


We work as Offshore CTO’s for you, offering the best of technology consulting across wide variety of industries, backed by past implementation experience and ongoing research.

  • As software consultants, we understand your individual needs and your organization’s IT requirements.
  • We formulate software application specifications that are aligned with the business objectives.
  • We help identify inefficient practices and/or models of operations that can be improved and streamlined with information technology.
  • We offer Business Process and Business Strategy Consulting to help streamline operations for efficient IT practices.
  • We conceptualize and suggest optimal IT solutions that address the problem and are also optimal with respect to cost and value addition.


Consulting and Advisory

  • Architecture & software design services
  • Ready-to-go frameworks and toolkits
  • Strategy and business case development

Platform Development & maintenance

  • On Premise and Cloud solutions
  • Infrastructure and application management services
  • Cutting-edge AI tools
  • Enterprise integration services

Innovation and Prototyping

  • Customer Experience Design Lab
  • Rapid development platform & tools for MVP
  • Co-innovation partnerships


  • A strong architecture DNA combined with a deep focus on cognitive technologies
  • A powerful blend of domain and technical expertise
  • A proven and systematic approach to progress from idea into pilot into scaled deployment
  • Flexible engagement and commercial models
  • Strategic partnerships with technology, academia and regulatory bodies